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Scottish Fold Cats - 

appearance & personality :

This breed has a sweet, wide-eyed expression in a rounded head, a short neck and a sturdy, compact or 'rounded' (almost chubby) body.

This makes them almost unbearably adorable and they retain this kitten-like cuteness even when adults.

Scottish Folds generally weigh somewhere between 6 and 13 lbs when fully grown, with the females being on the lighter end, and the males on the heavier end, of this scale.

The ears may be folded (and the 'degree' of fold can vary from a looser 'single' fold to a tight 'triple' fold), or straight.

This folding is due to a genetic mutation that affects the cartilage in their bodies.

Scottish Fold kittens are all born with straight ears, but by the time they are around 3 to 4 weeks old their ears may begin to show signs of folding.

About 50% of kittens will have ears that fold.

The tips of the ears are always rounded. 

The tail should be long and flexible, and a tapered (rather than rounded) tip is preferred.

Scottish Folds can have either short or long coats, and the short fur should be dense. 

The longer coats should be full, with a 'ruff' around the neck and a full tail. 

They come in a wide variety of colors (can vary slightly depending on the coat length) including......

  • Solid colors - including the original pure white, black, blue, red and cream.

  • 'Shaded' or 'Smoked' colors - (paler undercoat and dark 'tipping' on outer coat). Including Silver, Gold, Chinchilla, Cameo, Black and Blue.

  • Tabby - including red, brown, silver and blue tabby plus mackerel, spotted, ticked, patched and a variety of other tabby colors/patterns.

  • Tortoishell

  • Calico

  • Blue-Cream

  • Bi-color - white with unbrindled patches of black, blue, red or cream.

  • There are also other acceptable colors/patterns, but 'hybrid' colors such as Lavendar, Chocolate or colored 'points' (such as seen in the Himalyan, Persian or Siamese breeds).


The color of the eyes and nose/paw leather also varies and should correspond to the dominant color of the coat. 

Odd colored eyes (one blue and one gold) are allowed in the bi-color and van varieties. 


One other funny little 'quirk' that is unique to Scottish Fold Cats, is their strange ability to sit upright, on their butt with their back legs straight out, sort of like an otter, or even a furry little Buddah. 


It's just too funny! 

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