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The Heart Wants To Help

 This section is designed for people who would like to donate as much as they would like to special organisations that are helping cats that have no home and a loving owner.  Cats that were born with defects or cats that have been abused by their past owners or horrible people. 

 Down below you can "click" on the "donate" button to learn more about our "The Heart Wants To Help" idea.

Hello everyone ! 
My name is Diana Karin. 
I’m asking for help to support our 120 cats.We have a Facebook page of our “Warm Home” that has been existing for 20 years now. Every cat I take care of are from the street, dropped out by “good people”. We have a lot of old cats, crippled cats and cats with defects. Cats that are not able to live on their own because they need medical help and someone to take care of them. People take cats that have some breed and are pretty from me but the ones that are “basic” for people they stay until the end.  When someone opens a shelter many people offer help, financial, volunteering and etc. But nobody notices us and we don’t understand why. Maybe because we have a shelter in our house instead of a special territory. We buy everything on our own, food and litter. And veterinary, I even learned how to make incisions myself. It’s twice harder because it’s a non stop cleaning because the place has to be clean so that our neighbors won’t complain and that adds up even more to the bill... this is why I want to make a page about us so we can pay the debt to the veterinary. Asking for help all the time makes me uncomfortable even though I do it for the cats sake and not for me. If someone will see us and would like to help somehow we will be very very thankful !
Diana Kharim
                          Facebook page  Dina Diana                    Facebook community   We Love Cats and Help Them to Survive 
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