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Welcome to our Scottish Fold Cattery “CAT  SHALOM” ! 



If you would like to buy a beautiful true breed Scottish kitten then our cattery is for you ! 

 We specialize in - silver and golden colors ; silver point, golden point, chinchilla, color point & etc. 

On our website you can see “Our Graduates” and their happy families ! 

Also you can check our litters and choose your own kitten that you will like. You can come over and interact with them and choose them in person which is the best method to know who belongs in your family. 

In our cattery we take a very serious care of our cats since the day they were born, we teach them how to be a good companion and prepare them for an adult life. 


Our goal is - to create our own unique type and our own bloodline so our cats can make their families say “Aw so so cute !” Or think they look like a real life toy. 




Many people think that a “cattery” is a horrible place with plenty of small cages where animals are kept to reproduce forcefully and are treated very bad. That all they do is reproduce against their own will and that they are waiting when will the rescuers come and finish their slavery. 

Unfortunately, these kinds of “cat farms” do exist and we pray that they will close and free those poor animals from such horrible people. 


A cattery looks like this - It’s a normal home where cats are pets of their loved owners and are a loving part of their family. 


An owner can officially register their cattery by having at least one pure blood cat of specific breed they choose that is confirmed by TICA (The International Cat Association, you can read about them here on their official website : ) 


Cattery name is always added to every kittens name because it’s where they came from and where they were born at so you will see that every kitten at every official cattery has their own name and last name as cattery name. 

For example : Gina CAT SHALOM or Asher CAT SHALOM.


This means that the kitten comes from official cattery which permits that kitten to be officially registered and if their owner wants to do so, compete at Cat Shows of different levels. 

Cattery name is a brand which has a reputation of an owner. 


Also, a cattery is always trying to make the breed better and more unique. So the kittens are born better than their parents with better health and amazing personality. 


Can a cattery bring an Income


Having a cattery requires a lot of investments. To register a cat, kitten and a litter in an official federation, to get shots done at the veterinary and raise animals requires a lot of input financially and emotionally. 


We do get a lot of positive things from such a passion but to say that being a cattery owner is something that brings good income is a lie. 

It’s more of a true passion hobby that with best possibilities can bring a nice result. 

We get our usual income not from a cattery but from our regular jobs which is why our cats are not working for us to get us bread. 


Converting a cattery into so called “business” always ends up very badly and horrendous. Making “easy money” on cats cannot be done in a high quality catteries but in some cheap and horrible places where cats have no official breed whatsoever and are mixed with whoever an owner finds. 

Those “catteries” that do such a thing harm a whole breed as a whole. The breed gets worse and there is no selection at all. The more popular is the breed the more people want it which is why the price gets higher. 

This makes those “lie - catteries” that make a business by producing more cats of low quality and horrible health truly damages clients perspective of catteries as a whole which later causes true and official catteries to have no clients because people that had a bad experience in the past think that a cat can’t cost that much and that it’s some kind of a theft. 

It is not, the price comes from official bloods and mixes of a true breed that gave a litter of a new type and “unique” color which is also accompanied with a great health and amazing personality. 




Just to clarify that we are talking on the same language, we mean “true breed” kittens by kittens that have official documents of where they come from and who were their parents, grandparents and great grandparents. 


We leave behind “true breed” kittens that have no documents because for TICA they have no breed. 


You can find more information about that on the internet or in our and other official catteries websites. 


Many people who don’t know how all these things work think that all these documents for cats are just another reason to get more money from a client. That is not true. 


Here’s a fact : Documents don’t make a kitten cost more, to get those documents official club has a cattery owner to pay good amount of money.

Some catteries will tell you “The parents of our kittens are very high quality but kittens don’t have documents because they are too expensive and bla bla bla ....” - THIS IS A LIE ! 


Don’t make those people fool you ! If a kitten doesn’t have documents of their family tree that is usually given by an official club accepted in the whole world cat federations like (TICA, FIFe, CFA& etc) there can be only three reasons why they don’t have them :

  1. The club declined to give those documents to an owner of that specific cattery. Because a club heard that the owner is treating their animals very bad, they live in bad conditions, fraud and lies towards the club or clients & etc. Usually their kittens are very bad fed and are very skinny. 

  2. Those “catteries” kittens have had bad bloods mixed with other cats that were not made for crossing. The ones with inherited defects or those who have bad qualities for the breed and will only worsen the result. Those animals that are not made for mixing and breeding had to be sterilized and not do so is prohibited by catteries law.

  3. The kitten doesn’t have any proof of having any relationship towards the breed or it just looks like it and is mixed with plenty other basic cats. 


That’s it ! Other excuses of not having documents for a litter is impossible ! 

In TICA,WCF (World Cat Federation) is prohibited by law to sell kittens without documents. 


IMPORTANT : Remember once and for all - a kitten without documents is breed less. The appearance of a kitten that might look like some breeds makes people confused and believe that it is a “true” breed cat. It doesn’t mean that a basic cat doesn’t deserve love! 

But if you want to save money and buy a pure bred cat without documents just know that the fact that he has a “true breed” will only be in your imagination. 


If your income doesn’t let you currently to buy a true breed animal then you should probably wait until your income increases or adopt a kitten from shelter that deserves as much love as every other cat does. 


Trust me, a shelter cat will not be purring less than a pure breed cat. And it will look so much more better than a “fake pure breed” cat that is mixed with plenty of unknown animals. The shelter kitten will have more health after all than that unknown mix. And you will save a life of an animal, you won’t give your money to liars and you won’t receive laughs from people

who truly have a knowledge of breeds. 


If you want to buy a fake breed cat just to fool people, please buy a Chinese “Rolex” watch, people will wow at it and you won’t have to feed it and go through bad health of it.


Also, if you want to buy a good quality animal for cheaper price then there are two options for you but they are both specific.


  1. Sometimes catteries offer grown cats that used to be mixed and bred and are not doing that anymore so their owners sell them for very low price into good homes where they will be loved. If you think that those cats that are no longer being mixed are some skinny, unhealthy cats with shaking feet you are wrong. We are talking about a cat from 1 year old to 6 years old. Usually it’s from 2 years to 4 years old. That is not an age for a Scottish cat especially with the fact that they fully grow by the age of 2-3 years and live 15 years. 

  2. Loan a kitten. Which means that if a cattery will need to use it for breeding you will provide it for them. 


Thank you ! 

We can’t wait to make you a happy family. 


Snezana Markova 

Founder & Owner

A mother of two kids who has always loved animals since childhood. Has experience as a veterinarian but now studies for filinology to be a professional in what she is doing. A business woman in the past. Very sweet and wants to make people happy with her passion !

Veronika Bezdolnaja



professional athlete, helps translating texts and arrange websites. Helps with communications of clients when she is home. Sweet and very loving of animals !

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Alan Lopez Markov



A very responsible young man that has a huge passion for animals, especially cats. Helps during giving birth process and helps build cats resistance towards kids and big families so cats grow up to be okay with kids around.

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