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*When can I take the kitten home?

Most knowledgeable breeders allow their kittens to go to new homes at 12 weeks of age or older. This is a per- fect age to make the transition to a new home. 

TICA recommends 12-14 weeks.See here: 2019_PurrFectKitten-brochure.pdf

*Our kittens are born in an amazing family, full of love and care. Where from their first days they get used to being loved and around kids which is why our kittens are perfect for families. 

*Every kitten knows how to use their litter and be nice 

*Our kittens have good manners and playful personality when you take them home 

*Our kittens eat high premium food and are raised in a premium class environment 

* Our kittens are not sold just from photos, we will update hot kittens grow so you can see yourself how they are maturing. 

*We are available and want you to meet our kittens before buying, if you can’t come and visit we are allowing FaceTime calls where we can show kittens to you via video chat. 

*TICA certified parents & cattery 
If you want to register your kitten in TICA it will be $25 for 3 generation. 

*Reservation of a kitten $500 deposit.

* Our kittens can be shipped with Air Cargo which will be $215-$450 that gets paid directly to air company. 

*Veterinary travel document + special safe traveling carrier will be about $100

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